405 SE 13th Street
Grand Rapids, MN 55744
Hours: Mon thru Fri: 8 a.m.- 5 p.m.

Welcome to Grand Rapids Veterinary Clinic.

Welcome to Grand Rapids Veterinary Clinic

Grand Rapids Veterinary Clinic is a full-service small animal vet clinic in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. Our veterinarians provide a wide range of the best medical, surgical, and dental services for dogs, cats, and other small pets. As an AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) certified veterinary clinic, our professional staff strive to maintain the health and well-being of every animal placed in our care. We promise the highest standard of veterinary care and preventative health programs available.

Our extensive in-house pharmacy allows us to immediately provide the medication your pet may need, as well as select veterinary prescription diets to get your pet started on the road to wellness. In addition, nutritional and joint health supplements, flea and tick control products and dental health products are available.

When Care is Critical

When your pet is experiencing a critical health concern, emergency veterinary service is available at Blue Pearl Pet Hospital in Duluth, MN or Red River Animal Emergency Hospital and Referral Center in Fargo, ND. We realize the distance can be concerning, and are recommending these locations due to their specialized care capabilities. Contact information for those facilities can also be found here.


We'll Keep Your Pet Healthy

Get Your Pet's Monthly Preventatives at Grand Rapids Veterinary ClinicWe recommend regularly scheduled visits for preventative procedures including: vaccinations, heartworm and tick-borne disease screenings, dental care, and examination for internal and external parasites. If your pet is injured or becomes ill, we utilize our complete diagnostic capabilities to identify the problem as quickly and accurately as possible. Electrocardiograms, radiographs, blood profiles, cytology, and other laboratory tests such as electrocardiograms and ultrasound, may be used to reach a diagnosis and develop a prognosis. The resulting treatment, whether medical or surgical, will be based on sound medical principals. Every attempt is made to help pets live long, comfortable and healthy lives.

Our staff of professional and caring doctors, certified veterinary technicians, technicians, assistants, and receptionists at Grand Rapids Veterinary Clinic offer your pet full service health services. We continually modernize our facility, and our staff are well trained and provide individual attention to all your pet’s needs. Our veterinarians have a variety of interests and specialized skills. Consultation is used frequently within our own group as well with specialists outside our practice. We belong to local, state and national veterinary associations. Regular attendance at continuing education seminars keeps us up to date with new ideas, techniques and treatments.